Saint Paul, MN – February 29 & March 1, 2020

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The show typically only returns every 5 to 10 years,
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Saint Paul RiverCentre

175 W Kellogg Blvd
St Paul, MN 55102

Directions and Map to the Saint Paul RiverCentre

Show Hours

Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Kids are FREE and do NOT need a ticket

Kids 15 and younger are free when accompanied by adult.

Operating Model Train Layouts

Minnesota Free-Mo Modelers - 55' X 105' - HO Scale
Minnesota Free-Mo Modelers - 56' X 76' - N Scale
Possum Central Railway - 8' X 24' - TT Scale
New Brighton Connection - 26' X 29' - HO Scale
North Suburban Large Scale Operators - 20' X 20' - G Scale
Joe's Brick Depot - 16' X 28' - LEGO
West Wisconsin Railroad Club - 18' X 41' - HO Scale
Great River Valley System - 28' X 40' - N Scale
Ian Holmes Model Railways - 5' X 10' - OO English Scale


Athearn Trains 100-102
Bachmann Trains 401-405, 500-504
Big Windy LED's 234
Blue Rail Hobbies, Inc 119-123, 218-222
Boston and Albany Hobbies 512-516
Broadway Limited Imports 104-106
Bumpa's Wooden Toys and Trains 425-427
Caboose Industries 208
Chicago & North Western Historical Society 332
Choo Choo Track and Toy Co 120-130
Coryville Station 137-145, 236-244
Franzen, Gerald 329-335 113-117
John Cartwright Railroad Art 332
K and A Rail Products 213-223, 312-322
Kansas Depot 133-135
Kato USA Inc 409-411, 508-510
Kelly Small Tools 334
Lionel LLC 101-105, 200-204
Lionel Operating Train Society LOTS 107-109
Matt Milner Sales 209-211
Mike Daleiden 235
Moody Street Trains 212-216
MTH Electric Trains 301-303, 400-102
National Association of S Gaugers Inc 404-406
NCE Corporation 309-311
Neal's N-Gauging Trains 313-317
Neon Trains 420-422
O.C. Model Trains 243-247
PIKO America LLC 306-310
Pluta, Bill 432-434
Ross Custom Switches 305
Savic, Boris 520-522 108-110
SEK Hobby Supply 225-229, 324-328
Shaffer 524-526
Spring Creek Model Trains 125-129, 224-228
Star Hobby 413-425
Steve's Train City 412-416
Sundance Marketing Inc 210
Taylor's Toys and Trains 319-323
Teskey Trains 325-327, 424-426
The Locomotive Shed 408-410
Wm K Walthers Inc 201-203, 300-302
Yankee Dabbler West 507-513
Z-Stuff for Trains 111

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