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Since 2004, World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour has been promoting the hobby across the country. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best events that truly promote the hobby in a positive way. We want people attending our shows to leave so excited about model railroading they can't wait to start building a model railroad! What better way for the general public to become model railroaders than to see operating model railroads up close?

“The show consistently does
what it was 
designed to do - 
successfully introduce thousands of people
the hobby of model railroading”

 Be a part of the show and help grow the hobby of model railroading.

The model railroad industry believes in the mission of the show, which is to promote the hobby of model railroading to the general public. Each show has representation from all the best manufacturers in the industry.

The show has a proven record of getting people to the show.

(See our list of previous show attendances).

The World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour consistently attracts an average of 25,000 people to each show proving there is indeed an interest in the hobby of model railroading. The show holds the record for the largest attended two-day train show ever with the Chantilly, Virginia show in January of 2010 with 41,036 people. That broke the previous record which was the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour in Philadelphia, PA in January of 2009 with 40,152 people.


The Purpose of the Show

Model trains at Gamages department store, London, 16 December 1936. Please note this image is currently not fully processed.

60+ years ago model railroading was more a part of our culture. 

Department stores had model train layouts set up for the holiday season. Many boys received a train set for Christmas. A train around the Christmas tree was common. Boys debated which was better; Lionel O Gauge or American Flyer S gauge. Hobby shops were common. lionel_ad3

Full size railroads still ran steam locomotives. This was the days before the end of passenger trains and the consolidation of the railroads and abandonments. Short-lines and branch-lines were more abundant. Most small towns had a rail line and depot. Kids were fascinated by railroads. This
translated to a fascination of model trains. 

Yes, some of those things have changed.

But not everything.

People still love model trains. 

Tens of thousands of people come to the shows to see what this hobby is all about. When you bring a layout to the show you are inspiring them to get involved by sharing your knowledge of model railroading and your creativity in layout building. This hobby can grow and you can be a part of what grows it. 



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